27 Health and Nutrition tips that are actually based on good science.

Are you someone who wants to stay healthy and fit always? If the answer is yes, then this article is for you. Here we will tell you about the 27 health and nutrition tips that are actually evidence-based.
When it comes to health, often people tend to get confused and end up taking the wrong measures in order to be healthy. This is why you should know clearly what to do or what to avoid if you want to be in the perfect shape and condition forever.
The 27 tips which are actually proved to be good for health and nutrition are stated below:

1| Avoid sweetened drinks.

Yes, drinks with sugars are the worst enemy of fitness. This is the most effective item that can make you fat really fast.
Another scientific fact is when you drink items such as Coke, Pepsi, or chocolate shakes. Your brain would not calculate the calories the way it would have if you had a food item such as burger or pizza. Thus in this way, it results in more calorie intake.
Sweetened drinks such as sodas are one of the prime reasons behind such a high rate of obesity in our world’s population. Excess intake of this kind of drink also leads to diseases such as diabetes.
Also do make the mistake of drinking fruit juices with sugar in it, as this will be making an equal amount on the negative effect on your body like sodas.

2. Intake nuts

Do you know it is possible to lose weight by eating nuts such as almonds? Even though nut contains fatty acids such as Omega 3 but they are extremely nutritious. Nuts are infused with many other nutrients like vitamin E, magnesium and etc.
Recently in a survey, it has also been proved that almonds help to lose weight faster. It is possible to lose weight with nuts because it helps in increasing metabolism.
Also, the calories present in nuts are not absorbed by our bodies completely.

3. Stop eating overcooked meats.

Many people like to eat crispy chicken fries, but you need it to be careful here. In order to have crispiness in the flesh, you might end up overcooking or burning it.
You should avoid doing this as overcooking not only diminishes the protein present in your meat, but it can also lead to deadly diseases such as cancer.
So next time when you are cooking meat be aware not to overcook it.

4. Drink coffee.

The statement, “coffee is not good for health” is a myth that a lot of people believes. The truth is coffee is a healthy drink. There is a high amount of antioxidants present in coffee.
Drinking coffee will also help you to stay away from diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer and etc.

5. Eat fish

If you want to stay healthy and always fit, then you must keep fatty fishes in your diet. Fishes like salmon contain the right amount of protein, and this will eventually help you to be healthy.
Fatty fishes also decrease the risk of depression and heart diseases.

6. Stop taking junk foods.

Yeah, I know it is quite hard to control the temptation of eating junk food in the era of digital marketing. As in social media, every time we open any application, there will be at least one picture of mouthwatering junk foods. But we need to control our mind and understand that it is harmful to our health.
In a recent study, it was found out that teenagers suffering from obesity are obsessed with junk foods.

7. Sleep at least 7 hours.

You must sleep at least seven hours a day to function actively. Inadequate amount of sleep will not only make you feel irritated the whole day but will also deteriorate your health’s condition. Thus you should never take the importance of a sufficient amount of sleep lightly.

8. Keep your gut health good.

It is essential to keep your gut health in good condition if you want to be sound and healthy. You can intake yogurt often to improve your gut health.
Note that a lousy gut health condition can even lead to obesity.

9. Intake water before eating meals.

Do you want to increase the number of burning calories? If your answer is, then you should definitely try drinking water before having any kind of meal.
Studies prove that drinking at least two glasses of water before taking meals increases metabolism by up to 24%.

10. Intake Vitamin D.

The easiest and cheapest source of vitamin D is sunlight. You can easily intake enough vitamin D by exposing it to sunlight.
In case if you cannot get enough exposure to sunlight, you can place supplements of vitamin D in your food diet.

11. Avoid exposure to blue lights.

Do you feel a lack of sleep after using your laptop or phone at night? Then let me tell you the reason behind this. It is blue light of your pc or mobile that is disrupting your sleep routine.
To stay healthy, you must get enough amount of sleep. So to avoid these blue lights, you can use a specific kind of colored glass or nightlight mode in your laptop and dark mode on your mobile phone. In this way, melatonin in your body will be produced, and you can go back to the usual routine of sleep.

12. Keep fruits and vegetables in the diet.

In order to be healthy, you must intake prebiotic fiber. Fruits and vegetables are the best and good kind of prebiotic fiber that you can ever have.
Also, studies proved that if you want to extend your life span eating fruits and vegetables helps you to a great extent.

13. Eat sufficient protein.

The first thing that you should do if you want you to boost your metabolism process is in taking adequate protein about a regular basis.
The right amount of proteins helps you to avoid sweets and junk cravings as it keeps you feel.

14. Do exercises.

We all know that to stay fit, we should do some yoga. Besides keeping you fit exercises such as cardio will also help you to boost your mental health.
If you have a chubby or bloated belly, this will help in reducing it.

15Avoid addictions.

.If you want to live in a healthy and nutritious way, you must leave all your bad habits such as smoking, drugs and etc.
Occasionally you can drink with your friend and foes with parties once in a while but make sure you do that also in a limit.

16. Drink olive oil.

Since ancient times Olive oil has been one of the most effective and demanding oil. It has many health benefits and uses. Hence, if you consume olive oil, the antioxidants present in it will decrease the chances of heart diseases and inflammation.

17. Avoid adding extra sugar.

Sugar makes the taste better of individual items for sure, but it is terrible for your health. When you intake sugar in excess amount, it might cause you illness such as pre-diabetes, overweight and many more.

18. Do not intake many refined carbohydrates.

You should be careful when you are in taking carbs. You must avoid eating excess refined carbs as these play a vital role in increasing weight rapidly.
Moreover, researchers say in taking refined carbs results in overeating.

19. Stop avoiding saturated fats.

Saturated fats are not your enemy in the journey of being fit and healthy. In fact, it helps in destroying harmful particles and produces good cholesterol. Thus this decreases the chances of heart diseases.

20. Lift weights.

Want to strengthen your muscles to be fit and smart? Start lifting weights.
Also, if you want to increase insulin production in your body, try lifting weights. Lifting weights is useful in a great way to increase insulin production.

21. Do not intake artificial fats.
Stop in taking artificial fats as it results in causing damage to the heart.
In USA human-made fats are already banned.

22. Include spices in your recipe.

Yes, spices also have excellent health benefits. Spices like ginger treat inflammation and heart diseases. There are also many herbs that are also healthy and nutritious.

23. Be in the right conditions with your friends and family.

If you be in good terms with your friend and family along with mental health, it will also leave a positive effect on your physics.

24. Use food tracker.

One of the easiest and fastest ways of losing extra fats on your body is counting calories of food that you are eating.
It was revealed by studies that use a food tracker helps people to lose weight faster.

25. Get rid of belly fat.
Belly fat does not look good on anyone. It makes your body shape bulky. Therefore to remove the excess fat from your belly lessens in taking carbs and add more proteins to your plate
26. Do not opt for a strict diet.
Do not make the mistake of doing strict diets as in the long run; it only ends up it getting more weight. Therefore maintain a healthy routine with lots of nutrients, proteins and fibers in it.

27Eat eggs.

Want to know what is the name of the world’s most nutritious food? It is nothing new or unique you can find it just by opening the door of your refrigerator. Yes, I am talking about eggs if you want to have a healthy life, you must include eggs and eggs yolk in your eating routine.
You can be the healthiest person ever just by following these 27 tips from the heart.


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