8 Ways to Get Happier your life

27 Health and Nutrition tips that are actually based on good science.

8 Ways to Get Happier your life

  1. Challenge yourself.

Your dream is to write a book or climb a mountain, set goals for yourself that are precise, realistic and achievable, says author and fitness inspiration Joan Price. Divide your big goals into small, manageable steps – small steps lead to lasting change and happiness. 8 Ways to Get Happier your life.


  1. Make friends


According to research published in Psychological Science, the happiest people are those who have good social relationships.8 Ways to Get Happier your life


  1. Treat yourself


The more stressful our lives become, the harder it becomes to relax and slow down. Treating yourself with a massage, haircut or pedicure is a great way to take some time for yourself – and at the same time improve your physical appearance and your mental outlook!


  1. Cut back on screen time


The average American spends more than 11 hours a day exploiting the media. And all of this exposure can wear you down. Limit your time on social media and watch only your favorite shows.


  1. Count your prayers


Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, keep a gratitude journal on your face in the morning to record the things you are grateful for, your health, your faith, family, the sun for your face.


  1. Listen


Create some inspirational tunes and enjoy the music as you descend into the dumps. You can’t help but feel better.


  1. Set your sights


Recent research has shown that setting goals that are important to you personally and striving to achieve them affect your level of happiness and self-satisfaction.


  1. To work


Need another reason to practice? Research shows that exercise boosts mood and eliminates depression, which means you will feel better after your workout.



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