Brighten your skin Home Made Remedies.

Brighten your skin Home Made Remedies.

Brighten your skin Home Made Remedies.

Your skin can be damaged by the sun’s rays, daily use of makeup, chemicals and the naturally occurring aging process. It can give your skin a dull, tired look that doesn’t reveal a bright personality on the inside. So Brighten your skin Home Made Remedies. Give your skin a beautiful glow and lighten it with a natural, gentle treatment that also has the added benefit of nourishing your skin.

Here are 4 methods you need to follow Brighten your skin Home Made Remedies:

Method 1

1 Brighten the skin with papaya.

Collect your ingredients and a blender. Clean your work area and wash ripe papaya and cucumber to remove bacteria or dirt from both skins. You have to cut off the blender or borrow from a friend. You will need it to make your ingredients pure in a fine paste. Your total supplies include:
Papaya (ripe)
Bowl (for bright mix)
Great to use in home and tomato masks because they contain lycopene which helps to.

2.brighten your skin.

Add ingredients to your blender. First you should cut the ingredients in proper proportions. Remove the collard flesh from its covered skin and divide it in half. Then grind your papaya and cucumber with a knife. Add three ingredients to your blender.

3. Massage the mixture into your face.

Both bananas and papaya have skin-strengthening and antiseptic properties that cleanse your skin and leave it glowing.  Use circular motions to massage a thick layer of your mixture into your skin.

Rinse your face after allowing your mixture to set.

You will want to spread the health benefits to your skin and give it time for the nutrients in your mask. In papaya it contains special enzymes that brighten your skin and as a result it can make your skin brighter Wait 15 minutes before using hot water to wash your mixture from your mouth.

5. Remove any remaining mixture and close your pore.

You should rinse with warm water Most of your mask should be flushed from your skin, now you should rinse once more with cold water. This will block any residual mixture that is still on your skin and close your pores to prevent blockage.
Dry your face with a dry towel. Rubbing can irritate or rub the fibers on your face.

Method 2.

Use licensed root to brighten skin.

1. Collect your materials and tools.

You will need a blender to purify some of your ingredients to treat your skin lightening. The recipe is based on licorice root extract, which has long been used in traditional herbal remedies for skin conditions and can be found in health food stores.
Cucumber (Applied)
Fresh lemon juice
Licorice extract (several drops)
Sandalwood paste (1 tbsp)
Tomato Juice

2. Mix your base together for blending.

But first, wash your cucumber and you can clean any dirt or bacteria in it. When you are done, put your cucumber in your blender. If your cucumber is small you can make the whole thing authentic but if it is bigger cucumber then you will only need about half.

3. Add other ingredients to your cucumber paste.

Before anything else, sprinkle a few drops of licorice root extract on top of the cucumber paste. Then put one tablespoon of lemon juice, one tablespoon of sandalwood paste and one tablespoon of tomato juice in the blender. Mix all your ingredients until it forms a paste that is uniformly consistent.

4. Apply a thick layer of the mixture to your skin.

Now that your mixture is well mixed, you can gently massage a layer of it on your skin. To get the full effect of this skin preparation and get complete health benefits, you need to leave the mixture on your face for about 30 minutes or until the mixture is completely dry.

5. Wash off the mixture from your skin.

Washing should be done in two stages: first with hot water and second with cooling with hot water. The mixture opens the washed pores and flushes us. Second washing with cold water closes your pores and removes any muddy bit of mixture.
To see the full effects of this skin treatment, you can consider applying it two to three times a week.

Method 3

Making honey-based brighteners.

1. Freezing material and equipment.

You will want a small container so that you can mix all your ingredients together. This can be effective if it is a safe holder for a dishwasher, which will make cleanup much easier. For this recipe you need:
Coconut milk

2. Mix your ingredients together.

You can use a mixing implementation such as a spoon or steer stick but you can also use hand wash and finger to lighten your ingredients until uniform consistency. After mixing, remove your mixture from the side and prepare your face.
Honey and coconut milk have many healing properties.

3. Open pores and cleanse your face.

 To allow your mixture to penetrate your skin and work deeply, you’ll want to open the pores of your skin with a warm water rinse or with a hot towel. This has the bonus of rinsing away impurities and bacteria from your skin.

4. Massage your mixture on your skin.

Using the circular motion with your fingers to apply the mixture, you will make it work more fully on the pores and cranes of your face, ensuring that each part will receive a healing and radiant effect on your skin.
After applying your mixture, you should let it stay in your mouth for about 15 to 20 minutes before it is ready to be removed.

5. Double Wash Remove the brightener from your skin.

You don’t want your skin radiance to stay too long on top of your face and stick to your pores! Rinse your face with warm water and rinse with cold water to clean your bright pores.

Method 4.

Brighten with gram flour.

1.Round your elements.

Chhola flour is flour made from chhola, and has a history of being used in local remedies to lighten and soften the skin. [116] You need a container, a shallow bowl or bowls should be sufficient to make your mixture, but you will also need:
Chhola flour (1 tbsp)
Honey (8 tbsp)
Lemon juice (2-4 drops)
Milk cream (1 tbsp)

2. Assemble your ingredients.

A spoon or whiskey, though not necessary, can be helpful at this point. Pour each of your ingredients into your mixing bowl and stir until the mixture thickens into a paste. Once your mixture is perfectly balanced you can set it aside and prepare your face.

3. Exfoliate and gently open your pores.

To flush any buildup, film or bacteria on your skin and use mild warm water using a cloth or any other tool, plan to lighten your skin a deep cleansing will dry your face with a skin towel; You are now ready for the radiance of your skin

4. Apply a thick layer of paste on your skin.

Keep your skin completely covered and massage your brightener so that no blemishes can be avoided so that your skin can be replenished with the treatment. You may want to keep this paste on your face for at least 20 minutes or until it is completely dry.

5. Remove your skin treatment.

Warm water will help to loosen the paste and loosen its bond with your skin. Gently wipe the mixture until your face is completely cleansed, and then rinse with a cool water to close the pores.
This skin brightening and rejuvenating treatment is recommended daily for four weeks and then once a week.

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