Top 8 different types of makeup for girls

Top 8 different types of makeup for girls

Top 8 different types of makeup for girls: It is highly appreciated that makeup is now a daily companion for girls. It enhances your beauty with more confidence. It gives you a positive attitude when you’re heading out in the world. Different types of Makeup makes girls more attractive, more beautiful, more enthusiastic to perform difficult tasks easily. Experts suggest different types of makeup for the different situation that enables girls’ best outcomes. You can try one of the following Top 8 different types of makeup for girls if you want to make yourself a difference. So, are you ready? Let’s start.

01.Sweatproof summer special makeup

Sweatproof summer special makeup is one of the most popular makeups in the whole world especially summer county. In summer, the foundation is melting & it’s awkward for every girl. So, water-based makeup is perfect for this season. You can try sweat-proof summer special makeup by keeping in mind the following tips & tricks.

  • Choose a good moisturizer first.
  • Put a layer on sunscreen.
  • Select your primer depending on your skin.
  • Using a BB cream or concealer.
  • Baked your full face using loose powder.
  • Glow up with a bronzer.
  • Furnish your eyes by using powder eye shadow, waterproof eyeliner & mascara.
  • Skip the shimmer as much as possible.
  • Go for nude or light color lipstick.
  • Always finish your makeup with a powerful setting spray.
  • Use all waterproof products to get the best outcome.

Top 8 different types of makeup for girlsPhoto: Sweatproof summer special makeup

02. Winter warm makeup look

   This type of makeup looks generally done in that country where winter prevails all the year-round. You know in winter our skin becomes dry and sensitive so that our face looks dull. By using some makeup products you can regain your natural look.

  • Moisturize your skin with a serum.
  • Choose a luminous foundation.
  • Cover up your face with powder.
  • Use shimmer to make some glow.
  • Play with your cheek some blush.
  • Use Deep color lipstick.
  • Enhance your hooded eyes with eyeliner & mascara.
  • Applying Setting spray to end up your makeup.

Top 8 different types of makeup for girlsPhoto: Winter warm makeup look

03. Wedding makeup

 Wedding makeup varies from county to country according to tradition. This makeup must be needed long-lasting, waterproof & photogenic. Now a day’s airbrush makeup can use for wedding makeup which gives you a flawless base. Before doing this makeup you have to make sure that, this makeup becomes comfortable for the bride. Here are some points for wedding makeup.

  • Start with a powerful primer.
  • Choose the perfect foundation for your skin.
  • Apply light concealer in your highlight area.
  • Use loose powder for bake & pressed powder for setup your makeup.
  • Contour your face.
  • Use also eye primer for eye makeup & define your brows.
  • Glow up your face with shimmer.
  • Applying Setting spray to end up your makeup.

Top 8 different types of makeup for girlsPhoto: Wedding makeup

04. Simple and natural makeup

 Simple and natural makeup is more comfortable than other makeup. It’s mainly a quick & easy type of makeup. Sometimes, this type of makeup is called no makeup, makeup look. Mainly you have to choose some fragrance-free & mineral-based makeup products. The followings are the tips & tricks for this makeup.

  • Moisturize your skin.
  • Apply a matt concealer to hide your dark circle.
  • Use powder if needed.
  • Put a warm color blush.
  • For eye makeup use mascara or eyeliner.
  • Soft your lips by applying lip balm.

Top 8 different types of makeup for girlsPhoto: Simple and natural makeup 

05. Gorgeous glam party makeover

Gorgeous glam party makeover is manly done for night time party. It is famous in the whole world. Do you want to make you sexy? This kind of makeover makes you more attractive & sexy. You can try this makeover some of the special occasions. Applying this makeover you can make yourself a little different. Below are the ways to do this makeover.

  • Choose the perfect foundation according to your skin tone.
  • Applying the triangle concealer trick.
  • Loose powder must be needed.
  • Pick some blush correctly on your skin.
  • Using your regular eye shadow with glitter.
  • Create a winged liner by using eyeliner.
  • Impose a shimmer on your high bones.
  • Enhance your lips puffier by using a lip liner.
  • Draw your lips with a deep color lipstick.

Top 8 different types of makeup for girlsPhoto: Gorgeous glam party makeover

06. Glossy and glowing makeup

  Who doesn’t love the glossy and glowing look when a party or special occasion comes up? These makeup tips give you an instant glow on your skin. Just knowing some tips and tricks, will helps you to find a perfect glossy and glowing look. Follow the steps below for a super glossy and glowing makeup look at any time.

  • A primer must be needed to prep your skin.
  • To add more glow mix foundation and highlighter.
  • Apply a light concealer on your under the eye.
  • Need just some powder to cover up your concealer area.
  • Use again shimmers to set your glow.
  • For eye makeup apply shimmery eye shadow.
  • To lock your makeup need a dewy setting spray that gives you some extra glow.
  • After applying lipstick, use a lip gloss on it.

Top 8 different types of makeup for girls Photo: Glossy & growing Makeup

07. Everyday makeup looks

                    Everyday makeup should conceal some defect or darkness in our skin. It also should define your bone structure and highlight your pretty eyes so that you will get a natural everyday makeup look. Do you create an everyday makeup look which gives you a flawless and natural look? You have to choose some organic makeup products as much as possible which doesn’t damage your skin. So go for some important points and tips below.

  • After washing your face moisturizer must be needed.
  • To protect your skin from UV rays use a good sunscreen.
  • Hide any imperfection with a color corrector.
  • Put on a layer with some matte foundation or concealer.
  • For eyes apply nude shadow, brown eyeliner.
  • Lightly draw your brows with a brow pencil.
  • Apply two coats of mascara.
  • To end up your makeup with nude lipsticks or lip balm.

Top 8 different types of makeup for girls  Photo: Everyday Makeup looks

08. Halloween makeup

   Your Halloween Party is knocking at the door? Do you feel worried about your costumes and makeup? This Halloween makeup tips give you a perfect creepy look. We know Halloween day is one of our favorite days in a year. To create a perfect look, follow some tips and tricks below about this makeup.     

  • Prep your skin with a primer and minimize your pores.
  • Create some tattoo with your eyeliner.
  • Make some fake blood with your red liquid lipstick.
  • Use also adhesive or glue to create cut eyebrows, broken noses.
  • For fake freckles use a nude or brown pencil.
  • Finish with a powerful setting spray to lock your makeup.

Top 8 different types of makeup for girls  Photo: Halloween Makeup

So, These are some Top 8 “different types of makeup” for girls that you can try according to your demand & necessity. In conclusion, for your better personality, you can try one of the above makeup. Above all, for more information, you can see the following link:



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