How to check the quality of food at home.

How to check the quality of food at home.
How to check the quality of food at home.

How to check the quality of food at home.

It is very important to find out the quality of the food you are eating. Food can be contaminated or adulterated with any foreign substance. These substances can make you sick and unhealthy.

The difference between contamination and adulteration.

Some foreign substance are involved in contamination and adulterated food. But there is a difference between the two. Pollution means the addition of foreign substance was unintentional. You intentionally add the substance when adulterating.

Adulteration usually involve the removal of higher quality material with inferior quality material. It reduces food in one sense. Adulteration can cause some serious health risk. So it becomes important to understand the quality of food.

You can use your sense to detect if there is something wrong with your diet. For example, if you see a vague result, it is a sign of spoilage. Similarly, a coconut product can be said to be spoiled if it is not in the right shape. Likewise, you can use your sense organs to detect many adulterants in food. For example, you can easily test the addition of papaya seeds in black pepper seeds.

However, it is not always possible to identify them so easily. Sometime the food may show better quality but very harmful substances can be use for adulteration. You need some kind of analysis to make this difference.

Some preliminary analyze can easily be done at home or in the school lab. For example, you can easily detect the addition of water to milk, the addition of color to sugar, the addition to beverages, etc. These initial test are use to detect the presence or absence of adulterant.

Interim examination is require:

However, you need to take further steps and use the intermediate test to better test the quality of the food. These intermediate tests require more advanced instruments and skills. Preliminary tests can only tell about presence and absence but intermediate tests can tell you the number of contaminants in the food.

You may have heard of Mobile Food Testing Laboratory. This is an example of an intermediate testing service. They have basic tools to detect adulteration in milk and other dairy products. They can do about 23 tests for you.

Advance testing is required:

Many time your food can be adulterated in a very small amount. Even small amounts can be dangerous to your health. If you want very specific information about adulteration in your food, you can opt for advanced testing.

Advanced test are conduct by a highly specialize technician in a state-of-the-art lab. For example, if you want to know your sweet botanical and geographical information, you can go to this lab.

These labs use sophisticated equipment that can detect even the slightest level of adulteration in your food. If your food passes the test in these labs, you can be sure that your food is of very high quality

So if you want quality food how to check the quality of food at home? comment on your decision.


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