How to use makeup brushes

Makeup Brushes

How to use makeup brush for health and beauty skincare

Choosing and using the right makeup brush for the right job can help you create a flawless finish for your face concealer brushes and sculpted brushes to create a smooth base. Then, add color with a blush brush, eye shadow brush and lip brush to get the perfect beauty skin.

Method 1

Apply foundation with brushes.

1. Attach the foundation with an angled foundation brush for a smooth finish.

Load your foundation brush and start applying makeup to the center of your face. Sweep the foundation towards the edges of your hair and down towards your neck, making sure to cover each area evenly. Add more base to your brush as needed.An angled foundation brush helps you get all the dogs and cranes in your mouth Be sure to blend your foundation with the Zollverein to create a more natural finish.

2. Use a concealer brush to dab concealer in place of your problems for health and beauty skincare.

Concealer liquid can go to the top of the foundation. Use a concealer brush to spread it around areas like redness and other problem spots around your nose. Use longer strokes for larger areas, such as circles under the eyes. This brush is short with short bristles and a tapered tip.

3. Go over your foundation and concealer with a damp beauty blender sponge.

If you are looking for heavy coverage or if you use a lot of concealer, lightly wet a beauty blender sponge and take out the excess water. Add a little foundation to the sponge, even go over your entire face to create your perfect coverage.use makeup brush

If you add concealer, use it to blend the sound into the foundation, so it doesn’t stand out clearly. Mix in the edges of the foundation and then cover the concealer with the base thoroughly.

4. Use a large scalloped powder brush to apply the powder.

Choose a translucent setting powder or one with a light colored color to match your skin tone. Drop the powder brush and lightly brush over the bow of your lips, under your nose, The T-region is an area across your forehead and below the center of your mouth that forms a capital “T”. This region tends to be more oily, so the powder helps maintain balance. Helps to set concealer and foundation in place of powder set. use makeup brush.

5. Take a small scalping brush to highlight and contour your face for health and environmental skincare.

Contour adds definition to your face by creating fake shades, while highlighting emphasizes the natural high points of your face. Use your brush to brush a small amount of highlighter on the top of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, the center of your forehead, the center of your chin, and just below your brow. Then, use the same brush to hang the contour brush across the product. Apply it all over your forehead, across your forehead and in a thick line under your jaw. These lines will become “shadows” in the next step. For an everyday look, stick to contouring your cheeks below the sisters .You can also use an angled brush to add contours.

6. Mix the contour with a blender sponge.

Sweep a damp blender sponge over the lines you created. Otherwise, look like you have lines across your look  A large, fluffy bronze brush is ideal for applying finishing touches to your skin with bronze. Gently apply dab bronze on your brush, then run it across your T-zone to give yourself a glimpse look. Add something to your temples and galas as well .The bronzer can be used for contour or to finish your face. The key is how you use the brush and how you apply it.

If you plan to apply blush, you can skip this step.You can also use a kabuki brush for this purpose.use makeup brush

Method 2 Adding Blush


Adding Blush.

Place the blush on your blush brush by touching and tapping. Quickly throw the brush across the top of the blush. Then tap the brush to remove excess powder
Removing excess powder helps you get lighter even blush even layers.

2. Use light touch when applying blush with a brush.

Do not hit the brush firmly against your face. Instead, brush lightly against the skin, so that you can barely bend the bridges as they move over your cheeks. This method helps you get a light coating of blush that looks fresh and natural in your health and beauty skincare.

3. Remove the brush across your cheeks.

Start near your nose, and flick outward and slightly upwards in a light, gentle motion. Focus on the “apple” section of your cheek [[14]
The apple section is the part that gets round when you smile.
Your blush should reach from the outer part of your face to the area of ​​the face that meets the center of each eye. use makeup brush

Method.3 Picking a brush for your eyes

1.Use an all-India eye shadow brush to apply an even layer.

Run the brush over the eye shadow, then tap. Run it across your eyelids to create a great even plane of color or cream powder. Start in the inner corner of your eyelid and draw the color towards the edge
Shade brushes usually come in large, medium and small sizes. Larger brushes usually give a softer, more transparent application. The more you use the brush, the more intense the pigment pays off.
If you want to use a second, lighter color, add it on top of the first color you used, moving from the inner eye to the outer eye using a large, fluffy brush. The line should be close to your eyebrows. Then, you can use your brush to mix the colors and spread any hard edges.
You can use an angled brush along your lash line. Use the brush to draw or draw shadow lines across the line just above the eyelids, creating an eyeliner-like effect. You can use it in place of eyeliner or next to it.

2. Choose the eye shadow blender brush to soften the edges.

If you use more than 1 color in your eyes, you need to mix those colors together. A blender brush is soft with long, tapered bristles. Use it to soften lines between colors by brushing the back and front of them.
You can use this brush to stretch and soften the edges of a darker color.

3. Add eyeliner and mascara if you want to apply a liquid or gel liners,

or use an angled brush to use eye shadow as a liner. If you use a pencil, you can draw your own eyeliner directly. Then, use the included mascara pot to hang the mascara across your lashes. Angled brushes are especially effective for creating cat’s eyes, using shadows to align your eyes, or to illustrate precision.
You can choose to apply eyeliner and mascara only on the upper eyelids and lashes or on both the top and bottom.

4. Soften the edge of the eyeliner with a smooth brush.

Apply your eyeliner and eye shadow first. Then, use this brush to decorate the eye shadow by brushing the eyeliner upwards and outwards. This process will create a smoking cessation. You can use your brush to smooth out any hard lines in your eye shadow.

5. Opt for a bristle brush and comb to smooth the lashes and eyebrows.

Use the brush side of this tool to get your eyebrow hair out even. Can you turn it around and turn it over and over and over?

Method 4 Color your lips.

1. Choose a lip brush with short bristles for more control over your health and beauty skincare.

A brush with long bristles will almost flop even more as you try to apply lipstick. Short bristles make it easy to apply your lipstick

2. Outline your lips by applying lipstick with a brush. Get some lipstick on your brush,

run it across your lipstick tube or dab some liquid lipstick on it. Run the narrow end of the inside of your lip, creating an outline around the inside of your lip.
Using your lipstick instead of a lip-liner is cheaper and makes it easier to color the match. Also, it helps to keep your lipstick straight.

3. Brush lipstick in the lines you barely made.

Get the lipstick on your brush again. Turn the brush wide and use it to brush the lipstick as it passes over your lips. Hold the inner edge of the line and blend it together with the line you created by moving the brush forward and forward.
You can use different colors between your liner and your lips. They must complement each other and make sure you combine them. For example, you can use a darker plum on the outside and light purple in the same tone on the inside.



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